This site publishes the personal thoughts of the author and owner. It is intended to be lighthearted, but will occasionally delve into the serious. The site is not intended to be political, but I will from time-to-time sound off on certain political issues.  You are free to comment or disagree. Hence, the name of the site.

However, keep in mind that I lean to the right in my political beliefs. I didn’t start out that way. I was raised by hardcore hippies. They raised me to be the ultimate liberal. I won a second-grade contest for typing out a list of prominent African-Americans. Most kids had a handful of people listed on their one sheet of paper. I had 120 names of famous black people. This was 1973. We moved to the woods and built our own cabin, complete with outhouse and a spring running behind the shack for water. I was taught that everyone is equal, and America’s freedom and opportunity is unlimited.

That still holds true today. I have not changed my core beliefs, only my view on how to protect this bubble of fantastic freedom that we enjoy and that so many people seem to take for granted today and believe that it runs on pure magic.

Our liberties do not run on pure magic. Protecting our borders and cracking down on illegal immigration in a world full of terrorists is not racism nor bigotry. It is common sense. If you think that Steve Bannon and President Trump are evil, you probably will not be happy on this site.  If you believe that Mr. Bannon and Mr. Trump are here just in the nick of time to save America from the brink of total Communist takeover that it stood on just a few months ago, then you will be thrilled with this site.

I just wanted to give you fair warning: This site is my personal Twitter and Facebook alternative. Comments that would light even my closest friends’ hair on fire, are nicely nestled here out of the mainstream. I will most likely be commenting on simple things, such as beer, video games, sex, tips and tricks, cooking and food oddities, rare nutritional supplements, and the like. It is not going to be a trial by fire for anyone who identifies as liberal. But in the end, you may find that we have more in common than you think.

Thank you.

The Author