About US

The Free Truth was established in the melee running up to the 2016 United States Presidential Election. We are focused primarily on American life and politics, with a little world travel news and insight mixed in. Our mission seeks to capture the current world in a fresh light.

Our reporters are accomplished, published authors in various fields who consider themselves true patriots and defenders of the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Although that motto seems to haven been adopted by both the left and the right recently, our staff believes that the Constitution is a document created to protect full legal citizens of the United States, not everyone in the world who has a whim or supposed need to come here seeking whatever they fancy.

We believe in a strong physical border, with equal unhindered agency protection of those borders. We believe that US veterans should get first preference for any social aid, including income and housing, over foreign refugees. We believe that being a citizen of the world is an arbitrary and imaginary socialist construct, and that every person around the world has the potential and ability to make their own country great if they try.

We believe in America first, and we do not believe that the United States owes the world a living or an explanation. We hope you agree, but you are welcome to freely disagree. Our mission is to present what we believe to be the truth about every current event and topic in the hopes of opening peoples’ eyes. Thank you for your patronage.