How to Get Your AT&T VISA Reward Gift Card

I was motivated to write this how-to on claiming and receiving your AT&T Visa gift card, because it looks like with most things that seem too good to be true, many people feared that they were not going to receive theirs either.  At least, that is what I found when I did a quick search on the subject.  When you type into Google, “How do I get my DirecTV reward card?” a ton of forums pop up with horror stories a mile long on how people managed to get screwed out of theirs.  Besides, we have all had that one reward card offer that took a million hoops to jump through, and never arrived.

Such was my fear when I was hijacked by the DirecTV salesman in Walmart.  I joked with him that I would never see the $225 gift card, and I also half-joked with him that the sign-up process was one hour of my life that I was never getting back.  Lo and behold, however, things went smoothly, my line of sight was good with my satellite dish installation, my apartment complex had permission already written into my lease, and the new AT&T internet that was bundled into my package was installed and works awesomely. It is not DSL, even though it comes through your phone line.  It is a blazing 50 Mbps, something out of this world.

Anyhoo, after activation and before I let myself forget about my reward, I did some digging.  I actually managed to scrounge up the web page for the AT&T Rewards Center .  There, it asks you to log in with your claim number or your account number.  Here’s the tricky part: It never seems to recognize your account number, so you have to be patient and wait for the email containing your claim number.  Believe it or not, it really does come a few days after your internet service activation.  See, that was the key to your reward in the first place: You had to agree to a 2-year contract with the bundle, DirecTV AND AT&T internet.  Now bear in mind AT&T has recently acquired DirecTV, which makes it easier for you to login to one account and see everything at once in your service bill.

So, when you sign up in the store, such as Walmart, you are on the phone with someone who takes your preferred email, and your automatic payment information from your credit card.  Then you are all set. They have you choose a PIN which is vital when you first login to register your AT&T account.  Then it has you create a new AT&T email address.  Not to fret, however, you can use the same password for both emails, and it will log you into the same page.  But you want to make sure that first email at sign up is accurate, because this is the key to receiving your AT&T reward gift card claim email.  Confused yet? Don’t be.

It’s simple, really. Just don’t expect anything like a DirecTV Visa gift card.  There is no such thing.  Everything is coming from AT&T.  Even the phone number to cancel your free HBO package goes to AT&T.  So, you are half way home now.  Wait for your claim email.  Copy the claim number.  Open the link above for the rewards center.  Select the option to receive notification emails.  A few days later, you will receive an email notifying you that it has been mailed.  When you receive the card, go back to the rewards center link and activate it.  Voila!

And best of all, you can even pay your AT&T DirecTV bill with it.  So, it is really like you have received 3 months of service free for signing up. One more thing… You may just receive a Walmart gift card, which is not a Visa, and does not have to activated.  You heard it here, at The Free Truth.

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