Trump Very Proactive on Hurricane Harvey

With the media being fascinated with President Trump’s Twitter activity, it seems that they have taken a pause today in favor of their bias.  Trump took to Twitter early, announcing that he is being very proactive in his preparation to render any and all assistance before, during, and in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  His tweets show him meeting with and being briefed by the top preparedness agencies: FEMA, Homeland Security, and the Texas Governor’s Office.  All of this is in a sincere attempt to reassure the American people and to actually make sure that the best outcome occurs.

You don’t hear about this in the mainstream media, however.  That would shine a positive light on the President.  With people like former CIA agent Valerie Plame trying to crowd fund the purchase of Twitter so that Trump can be banned from using it, we are faced with a conundrum; which is to say that such catastrophes as Hurricane Katrina occurred in 2005, well before the advent of Twitter and only a year after Facebook was launched. Can you imagine the invaluable tool that Twitter would have been to then President Bush if he were able to update the country in real time?

It boggles the mind that the left is putting politics ahead of public safety, all in the name of its rabid hatred of the right, and the the fact that it’s collective feelings are hurt.  Headlines already seem to be blaming Trump for the hurricane, and no doubt will be slanted farther to the downside as the storm progresses and takes lives and property.  But you can rest assured that you heard it here first, that President Trump is doing everything that he can to mitigate the effect of this looming storm, Hurricane Harvey.  Stay tuned for updates here on The Free Truth.

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