Communism 101: Undermine the American Male

We all want world peace.  Virtually every political ideology touts itself as wanting to put a chicken in every pot. The car in every garage part seems to be in question, but still in the back of everyone’s mind.  Consumption is part of every society, it’s just the details of managing it that come up for debate… or war.  The war between Communism and Capitalism rages on, well-known to both the Left and the Right in America.

The Cold War, almost cliche now, still haunts us all with the new Russian election meddling allegations, and a host of other issues such as the rise of the nuclear threat from North Korea and Iran.  Our complex world is becoming ever more dangerous here in America, yet we seem to be able to filter it and tune it to meet our own needs and perceptions.  The truth, however, is that the roots of Communist brainwashing go back to the end of World War 2, and are rearing their ugly head in ways that most on the Left are either oblivious to, or choose to ignore.

One (1)  Stalin said that the way to bring down America was to exploit its culture.  A weakened morality is the surest way to bring down any society.  The beat generation, the counter-culture, and the hippies were no coincidence.  Sure, rock-n-roll, the sexual revolution, and women’s liberation have all been fun and exciting.  But did they happen spontaneously on their own?  One cannot separate the fact that advancements in civil rights also came along with these, and no one can deny that black people are better off now than they were 60 years ago.  So, perhaps the gains outweigh the costs and have outpaced whatever damage the Soviets were trying to accomplish.  However…

Two (2)  Freedom has come at a cost in terms of looser social norms.  Divorce has skyrocketed.  The patriarch of the family, or the Father Knows Best model has been shaken to its core.  Male authority no matter means anything.  The Future is Female was coined by a recent popular woman presidential candidate, whose name need not be mentioned.  She also used a phrase, It Takes a Village; which on its face seems innocent enough; but what it really portends is the decentralization of authority away from the male patriarch.  In other words, Wisdom of the Crowd now Trumps any one male in authority.  This is why we are having so much trouble with accepting the macho papa bear figure of a president in Trump.  An entire generation has been told that daddy is no good anymore and has to go.  Yet, here he is back.  It’s uncomfortable for many people.

Three (3)  Once the male patriarch has been marginalized and disenfranchised, then there really is no central authority except for government, Big Mother,  and any agency that will pander to needs like a warm teat or a soft hand would.  Everything becomes a suckling, nurturing experience, instead of a craning of the neck to receive the worm. Once the conflict of competition, the result of testosterone, is eliminated, once the harsh voice of daddy is gone, then there will be peace.  There will be no more wars.  Everyone will be happy, and everything will be free, including healthcare.

Yeah, right.  Even a child can see through this facade and lie.  Even at its best, Communism is a dismal and miserable existence.  The stepdaughter of Communism is Socialism, the first slippery slope encountered when you start to hand over your life, and your authority, to the government.

Capitalism, despite all its flaws, still fights for freedom; true, individualistic determination of one’s own fate.  When you undermine one class of people and try to artificially manipulate society to meet certain criteria, then you injure freedom as a whole.  Respect men again.  Respect the President.  Respect the Office of the President.  Keep America strong. There is peace through strength.

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