The Flippies are Coming

Given the current political climate, I am going out on a limb and making a bold prediction: A new breed of ultra hippie is coming, and it will come from the snowflakes angry with what is going on now.  As an old-timer, all of 52 now, I remember my hippie parents making me march in anti-war demonstrations against the Vietnam War. I remember their dragging me from our happy home in California to the mountains of North Carolina, after months of smoking pot and reading too much Mother Earth News. Back to the land is what they called their little movement. I called it learning to chop wood in freezing temperatures at the tender age of ten.

Looking back now, I also remember that my dad was fairly conservative before he met my mom.  From what I can gather, the counter-culture movement of the 1960’s came on very rapidly.  It wasn’t all about the war, nor the British Invasion, or even the drugs. It was something deeper.  It was a generational shift that sprung from the angst of the time fueled by the number of disillusioned and disgusted.  Sprouting tie-dye and daisies in your hair didn’t just happen overnight for no reason… it was driven by some factor X.

I feel that factor X in the air now, this Spring of 2017.  I watched as Occupy Wall Street came and went without cause or effect.  I watched the Black Lives Matter movement fizzle, mainly because I think people saw more fringe bullshit than substance in it. We watched the women get their panties in a wad about Trump’s pussy comment, without any real resolution except some existentialist “resistance.”  Women resisting? Unheard of!

All jokes aside, I believe that all of this is culminating in a huge wave right now; and like any big wave, the water recedes from the shore and calm ensues, right before a kahuna swell crashes onto the beach.  And that is what we are in for.  The snowflakes, enraged by what happened are going to leave their soft candy-coated shells as they naturally grow up and leave college, get jobs or no, and get out of their parents’ hair and basement simultaneously.  They are going to begin collectively searching for and channeling their new-found awareness and negative energy into a more positive identity: They are going to seek to separate themselves as a generation.

And in this search, they are going cause a stir equal to and opposite of the blindness and weakness that they may feel was thrust upon them. In other words, they are going to want cultural revenge. And they will get it in the form of being very different from us, and their former selves.  They are going to be the monster fusion of snowflakes meeting hippies.  They will be… the Flippies.

You heard it here first, folks, on The Free Truth.

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