SNL Loses Its Cool

Saturday Night Live used to be a lighthearted skit show, skewering everyone and everything, while along the way making up bizarre things that made us look at life outside the box of traditional humor. I started watching SNL shortly after its first season, back in 1977. It was a fun taboo for a teenager, staying up late with the TV turned down low, trying not to wake the parents with loud laughter.

Not anymore. Sure, I came of age in the Reagan era. There were the occasional jabs and parodies on the president’s quirks and dumb remarks.  But nothing like today. SNL has become obsessed with every little aspect of the Trump administration. Goofy comedians are now giving political commentary for an hour and a half on a show which used to entertain but now seeks to brainwash a generation.

The satire has become relentless and vicious, to the point of being tedious, tiresome, and boring. So much work and effort is going into not only making fun of President Trump and his administration, but also tearing down the very personal fiber of his being. It’s an assault on all fronts, akin to a stalking campaign by some delusional and deranged maniac. It’s not funny anymore.

The latest episode attacked Kellyanne Conway, Jeff Sessions, and the President himself, with no mention of the Oscar flub. It is as though the liberals have walled themselves off with social impunity and perfect moral superiority. It is sad that the supposed defenders of feminism are attacking a woman in a high position. Doesn’t that make them the ultimate hypocrites? They keep bringing up the Russian connection, when they know that a connection with Russia would actually help world peace and stave off the arms race.

Without delving into world politics, I will stay on point in my critique of SNL: It sucks now. They have ruined it. I give them small credit for a couple of skits that seem to poke fun at liberal hypocrisy: The bar scene where every man trying to pick up Cecily Strong tries to appear as a sensitive feminist sympathizer, only to turn out to be another sex-starved jerk; including her girlfriend at the end! Also, they saved the best skit for last, a neutral yuck yuck about Spencer’s gifts and all their stupid gags.

All in all, I hope for the return of the authentic Saturday Night Live, not this impostor that seems so desperate to drive the current liberal paranoia and jealous hatred down our throats like a Mack truck.


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