The Silent Tyrant: Obama Wiretapping

President Trump now claims that then President Obama was trying to, or actually had, wiretapped Trump Tower phones in an effort to gain intelligence during the 2016 election campaign. Although this may sound like more craziness to Trump detractors, to the true Trump supporters the thought of Obama wiretapping Trump makes perfect sense.

Fact: Obama campaigned against Trump harder than any sitting president in history. Listening to Obama talk about Trump during the Fall of 2016 made it sound like the end of the world was upon us if Trump were elected. Yet, here was a man who had sold nuclear weapons capabilities to Iran, the largest state sponsor of global terrorism in the world. Here was a man who was going to rubber stamp the Trans Pacific Partnership, yet another vacuum cleaner of money and power hooked up directly to the the American fuel tank. Here was a man who was encouraging illegal immigrants to vote. And still, the true blue Democrats were willing to believe and do anything that Obama uttered.

To Trump supporters, this was utterly terrifying. So, how could wiretapping be beyond the scope of being believed? It would go hand-in-hand with the theory and belief that globalist forces, such as George Soros, are desperately trying to turn America into a socialist country, if not outright Communist.  Yet, you had celebrities such as Rosie O’Donnell calling for martial law “in order to preserve democracy.” The liberal media and minority were in full spin to desperately cling to power at all costs.

So why would wiretapping be such a stretch? The free truth is that it wouldn’t. Headlines today from liberal rags such as The Washington Post and The New York Times are telling us that Obama was desperately trying to “preserve” intelligence about Trump’s alleged contacts with the Russians. How do you “preserve” something, unless you first collect it? The Wikileaks emails clearly showed Podesta communicating to DNC staffers to play up the Russian thing. So, there was clear intent to mine as much data as possible. Obama wiretapping Trump would be the ultimate solution.

The fallout from all of this, and the really sad part, is that half the country is now paranoid about Russians. These are people who probably made a C in history at best, and would be hard-pressed to tell you anything about Russia; yet suddenly they’re experts on why or how Russia is a threat to democracy. If you watch Oliver Stone’s documentary on Netflix, “The Untold History of the United States,” he repeatedly talks about our efforts to join forces with the Russians following World War 2 in order to head off the arms race. President Truman rejected that idea, and that is why we are where we are today.

Yet, given the opportunity to even explore the possibility of diplomatic cooperation with a country that would share in the destruction of the world and America in the event of all-out war, the liberals have chosen to act like school children and throw shadows about some perceived Russian influence within our government. It shows how truly sad, petty, and jealous liberals really are. They spread innuendo about Trump being a tyrant, when it looks as though Obama wiretapping Trump makes him the silent tyrant.

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