Logan: The Movie Review

Even if you are not a big X-men fan, or haven’t kept up with the series, this movie will satisfy you. It is easy to catch up with everyone, as the character development is very good in the first half-hour. That may be why the first half-hour seems slow. But rest assured, the rest of the movie picks up steam and delivers all the way home. And that is where this movie takes you, on a journey home of sorts for one of the characters.

Along the way, many of the other characters find their way home, in a sense, in each of their own ways. It is not a light movie, with heavy family themes; but great lines and little quips from familiar faces will keep you chuckling. Be warned, however, because I did hear open weeping from some of the audience at the end. The plot is great, the action is intense, if not violently gory, but in the end you will feel your heart touched by this ultimately meaty movie.

Most sites are giving this film, Logan, a 4 out of 5 rating. I would bump it up to 4.5 because of the way it is expertly crafted. Hugh Jackman is superb, along with the rest of the cast. It is a fitting end to his character, and by the looks of him at the end, he ain’t comin’ back! I would bet on an Oscar nod for the little girl, Laura, played by Dafne Keen. She is phenomenal in all aspects, from her brooding looks and range of emotion, to her adept mastery of the action scenes. This one is a winner.

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