Card-Carrying Sociopath

Yes, I took one of those online tests to see if I am a sociopath.  Yes, I scored a 90%. No, I am not worried. Here’s why:  The term “sociopath” is really just another politically correct term cooked up by the system. I answered all of those questions honestly, and to be honest, I see nothing wrong with the way I am. They say that the truly insane see everyone else as insane.  That may be true, but that generalization goes hand-in-hand with psychological terms themselves.

Think about it: Human nature has been assailed from all sides since the beginning of civilization. It has intensified in the last century or so, coinciding with the rise of modern medicine and psychology. And to what avail? More alienation of the individual in a society that supposedly celebrates the individual. It is a true paradox ( and that is an oxymoron.)  People have not changed over the millennia, only the way that we look at them, and label them. And labels only stick when they are used with a certain tone and inflection. Like this, “He’s a SOCIOPATH!” What does that even mean, as my teenage son so often blurts out when I am trying to talk to him.

It’s an artificial construct, designed to manipulate people and prop up another sector of the economy, the doctors who make a living out of making up syndromes. It is just another way of controlling people. Deep down, it is really a sexist tool as well. We’ve been taught that we cannot think in terms of reverse-racism. The same is true for feminism. To say that psychological terms primarily refer to male behavior would be akin to believing in reverse-feminism.  But it is true, at least in my mind.

Think about it: Every male trait of aggression, strength, ambition, and the urge to win at all costs are rewarded by popular perception. Yet, on an individual scale, these traits are shunned in polite society, one-on-one. It is yet another paradox. If someone takes advantage of you, they are a sociopath. If someone takes advantage of someone else, they are perfectly normal. We see this in the business, sports, and entertainment world constantly. It’s even been forged into reality shows. So, why the labels?

It’s a way of leveling the playing field for people of weaker minds.  That’s the way I see it. Altruism on its own is a beautiful thing; but we all know that nice guys finish last, and being too nice will get you nowhere. Then you are a bum. I would rather be a successful sociopath than a nice bum.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Plus, there is no treatment for these labels.  Without a causeology and an intent to cure such a thing, it is not a thing. A condition for which there is no treatment is not a condition. I believe the same about alcoholism. Many books have been written about the mythological “alcoholism,” but not one has come up with a true physiological model of what it is. It does not exist. People either drink to excess, or they don’t. They say some people have no choice, but to abstain totally. Not true.

So, as a proud sociopath, I say that I will continue to be one. I am not hurting anyone. No one is offering me treatment, or specific ways to change. They just use the word like a weapon in the hopeless attempt to make themselves feel morally superior, and/or make me feel small or worthless. To those people, I say, too bad. I win again.

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