The Russian Ruse

I am just going to get to the point: The entire hysteria about Russia possibly meddling in the election, or Trump being tied to Russia in any way, is just a ploy by the sore losers on the left to delegitimize the Trump presidency. You have got to hand it to them, it is mighty creative. The sad thing is, some of them really believe it. But the paradox comes from the fact that these are the same people who were saying that socialism or even communism would be an acceptable alternative to capitalism. So, the question begs itself, how are they blind to the fact that they are contradicting themselves?  The answer is a deep psychological one.

Let’s go all the way back to the birther movement. As I mention in my disclaimer, I was raised by ultra-liberal hippies who taught me to hate “those evil Republicans.” So, I am fairly well qualified to analyze the shift of many on the left to the right, and even converting to the Republican party. Because I fit into this category. This fact should at least keep you from lapsing into your liberal berzerker mode and listen rationally to what I have to say.

Back in 2010, I was still a Democrat. I was reveling in America’s newfound spirit of equality and tolerance. Our first black president, and he had saved us from global economic collapse! What a champ, I thought. I hated the birthers and loathed them as ignorant hicks just as much as the next good Democrat.

But then, in 2011, things started to go South. I was living in Arizona, the most conservative place I have ever lived. You have the Goldwater Institute there, along with Sheriff Arpaio, the spearhead of the birther movement. Was I brainwashed by exposure? Did the power of suggestion get the best of me and my weak mind? With a Mensa IQ, and a mind that had passed all the psychological stress tests in the military, I told myself no. No one was going to brainwash me.

But facts took precedence. Obama stalled on the budget talks with the Republicans. Yes, Boehner was being stubborn; but that was no reason for Barry to sit on his butt that Sunday afternoon and not even try to strike a deal. Then, we lost our national credit rating, and the stock market took a nosedive. I lost $50K in my 401(k), virtually my life savings. Was I bitter? Maybe. But again, I am a rational and resilient person. Then, the 2012 election came up, and I was surprised that Obama won a second term. I chalked it up to young voters who weren’t really affected by reality, like financial crises. They were more enamored by Obama supposedly taking down Osama Bin Laden. No body, and a hokey photograph that only a monkey would agree looked remotely like Bin Laden, and young people were cheering in the street. Hmmm…

After 2012, Obama became an absentee president. It was like the country became divided into two groups: Those who loved him, and those who hated him. I resisted the urge to go negative. But I was spurred on to do some research. Then, Ferguson happened in 2014.  Given the one monumental chance to do something meaningful (minus the bogus Bin Laden hoax), Obama instead chooses to address the entire country as if no one should ever be allowed to defend themselves against criminals. “If I had a son…” Trayvon Martin. It didn’t hit me at first how divisive and insulting this crocodile tear display by Obama had been; until Ferguson hit in 2014. A hot summer, a poor black kid, an assault and robbery at a convenience store: It all led to another “unarmed black man.” The press became obsessed with that term, because, why not: The president had given his blessing to root out all the incidents of this type.

Then, a grand jury systematically debunked and destroyed the “hands up, don’t shoot” hoax. No one in the media has ever apologized to the people of Ferguson for the death and destruction that followed. No, it was all about protecting black people, no matter what they did.  It was disgusting to me, as it was to half the country.  The other half of the country buried its head deeper into the “unarmed black man” narrative; as if somehow being unarmed made it ok to rob and assault people, or made someone free of liability in their actions because of the color of their skin.

Then there was the push by Obama to blend terrorism into the category of workplace violence; as if Muslims were suddenly some other protected group being given the go-ahead to do what they pleased. The national temperature was now boiling. My independent research showed that it was entirely plausible that Obama was actually born in Kenya. I started to see the light. Then I heard about TPP and how much money and power that would suck out of America, in addition to Clinton’s NAFTA. Then the Iran nuclear deal was the icing on the cake. Even a dog would have the basic instinct to save itself from this burning house, let alone an educated middle-age man such as myself. i knew that something was terribly wrong, and I wanted to find out what was really going on. I felt conflicted, because the left wing continually drummed out the message, “Nothing to see here, if you disagree, you are racist.” But I wasn’t racist. I was scared and confused.

Then by chance, I tapped into some right wing threads on Twitter, and the light just flooded my mind. Here were all these rational, intelligent people like me who were just looking for an answer to why Obama was trying to destroy our country. All the answers were there in black and white. Why Obamacare was a disaster, the history of the Clintons, the Saul Alinsky handbook for socializing a country and ultimately destroying it, the George Soros connection. I thought to myself, have I gone crazy? What will all my liberal friends think? I told myself that preservation of America was more important than their friendship.

So, let’s get all the way back to the Russian ruse put out by the left. I believe that the left fell behind somewhere in 2016, and were exposed to some fervor that they were not accustomed to from the right. So, subliminally, they picked up on that political frenzy, and as a subconscious defense mechanism, their minds adopted the first thing thrown out to them by the captain of their sinking ship, the Democratic party. You see, most liberals are extremely egotistical and overbearing, even though they espouse, “Love.” I know, I was one. Had to be the smartest person in the room, was number one in all my schools, and hated “stupid” people. So, I feel for liberals now. They really want to show their patriotism, now that they have been outmaneuvered and embarrassed. No one likes to lose face; it’s just that most liberals will do anything to gain redemption, even if it means fooling themselves or falsely claiming that Russia has taken over our government.

I believe if you really take the time to reflect, and look at the facts and the logic of what you are claiming; versus the advantage of getting back to normal, supporting the new president, and unifying America; you will be a happier and saner person.

Thank you.

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